Nutella Cake: You Have to Try This


500 g plain sweetened biscuits (like Morning Coffee)
750 g nutella
4 (8 ounce) cans double cream (like Nestle Cream)
2 tablespoons instant coffee powder
4 tablespoons vermouth
100 g crushed hazelnuts
200 ml boiling water


Mix together the nutella with all the double cream to make a fine cream in itself.
Melt the coffee in the boiling water, and add the vermouth.
Lay out a layer of the biscuits in a tin and wet with the coffee mixture.
Spread a layer of the nutella-double cream mixture on it.
Repeat by adding a layer of biscuits, wetting it with coffee and covering with the nutella mixture until you reach the top of the tin, always finishing with the nutella-cream mixture.
In the end cover the top with crushed hazelnuts.
Refrigerate for an hour or 2.